The importance of baking …

Baked_Woman_of_Doubice_documentation_photo_martin1 (1)

Buskova in her, often visually appealing, works uses universal archetypes in order to investigate encoded archaic behavioural patterns and images. One of the oldest archetypes – the archetype of ‘mother’ – is crucial for Clipping the Church and in the same time is immediately recognisable and familiar to people of all cultures. Buskova investigates motherhood through human interaction, performance and the act of baking.

The last few months have been busy for us with introducing Clipping the Church to the public and running several salt dough decorations workshops. Tereza Buskova frequently visits Erdington, where she meets with people, gets them excited about the project and runs the workshops. They are crucial element of Clipping the Church using the act of working with the dough as a bonding experience. Baking and displaying baked goods is  deeply rooted in tradition, especially Slavic tradition of annual Harvest Festival celebrating fertility and Mother Earth, which adds another dimension to the project.

The decorations will be later used at the final Clipping the Church event, and we are very much grateful to everyone who attended.




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